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· Come from the morning,go to the n... May 16, 2016
· Campus Spring Scenery Apr 7, 2016
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About GIPC

Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College was founded in 1958,which upgraded to full-time higher vocational college in 2002,named Guizhou Science and Technology Vocational College of Engineering;and then changed its name to Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College approved by the Guizhou provincial government in February 2009。Our College located in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, belongs to Guizhou Provincial Department of Education。in 2007,Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College was got “outstanding” rating when Ministry of Education organized to evaluate Educational Level in Higher Vocational Colleges. in 2009, our college was identified as the frist round of “Provincial Administrative Unit of Higher Vocational College Construction “by Guizhou Provincial Department of Education.
The college has Faculties of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Faculties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Faculties of Urban construction and management, Faculties of Electronics and Information Engineering and Department of Continuing Education。Which covers 32 higher vocational major,include Chemical and Engineering, Biopharmaceutical,Mechanical and Electrical。。。

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